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Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO)

All undergraduate students at IIT participate in at least one IPRO program while working toward their degree. Since 1995 this program has given students the opportunity to team up with fellow students across academic disciplines to tackle real-world problems.


  • Architecture, humanities and engineering students collaborating on low-cost shelter solutions
  • Chemistry, business and law students working together to develop best practices in CO2-reducing technologies

Experience in the Real-world

  • Service-learning IPRO projects strive to improve the human condition, K–12 education, and other efforts that make the world a better place
  • Sustainability IPRO projects preserve our environmental heritage, exploring technologies, behaviors, and practices that change our way of thinking, working, and living
  • Entrepreneurial IPRO projects (EnPROs) pursue ideas within the context of business


IIT has many company and community partners that sponsor IPRO projects.  These sponsors understand the need to grow tomorrow’s crop of talented professionals  and prepare them for work in collaborative teams facing complex issues.

IPRO sponsors benefit and advance their goals with the fresh perspective of the IIT student / faculty team. Students get real-world experience and the opportunity to build a professional network, a useful resource after graduation.

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