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International Applicants

Who is an International Student?

International students are those who are neither U.S. citizens nor U.S. permanent residents, regardless of where they are currently living or attending school. This means that U.S. citizens living abroad or in military or diplomatic zones are not considered international students. Foreign nationals attending school in the United States are considered international students.

Conditional English Students

International applicants who are interested in attending Illinois Tech, and who meet academic and financial requirements but do not meet the minimum English proficiency test requirements, may be offered conditional admission. This allows students to increase English language proficiency through intense English-language programs before taking academic coursework at Illinois Tech.

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International First-Year Students (Freshmen)

First-year applicants are currently enrolled in secondary school, or have completed secondary school and have not attended an institute of higher education outside of their secondary school experience. This includes students who have taken A-levels or studied in an AP or IB curriculum, as long as they have not completed university coursework. Sometimes, these students are also referred to as "freshmen," regardless of their class standing upon entering the university.

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International Transfer Students

Transfer students are those who are currently attending a university or have attended another institute of higher education after finishing secondary school. All students who fit either of these criteria are classified as transfer students, regardless of the amount of college credit completed. In general, students with fewer than 30 semester hours will have to submit their secondary school transcripts and test scores, despite being classified as a transfer student.

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International Visiting and Exchange Students

International Visiting and Exchange students who are currently attending a college or university and will be studying at Illinois Tech through an established exchange or partner program.

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