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Homeschooled Applicants

Homeschooled students are evaluated equally among other applicants, and the general recommendations for homeschoolers' pre-college academic curriculum are the same as for students from traditional high schools.

As with any applicant, however, IIT welcomes any supplemental materials that may help us to better review the application. Admission to IIT is competitive, and it is to the applicant's own benefit to provide us with the appropriate information to aid us in the fair and accurate evaluation of your application.

Application Requirements and Steps - Free to Apply

IIT is looking for students of high academic caliber with strong community ties and work ethic. In the application, we evaluate your academic standing, extracurricular, community-based and leadership involvement. We also like to hear why you think an education at IIT would help you pursue your academic and career goals and how you could contribute to the IIT community. Be specific. We want to hear your story!

STEP 1: Application for Admission 

Common Application

Apply online using the Common Application

Please note: The Common Application cannot be completed on a mobile device.

STEP 2: Counselor/Teacher Evaluation or Letter of Recommendation

Give the forms found in the application to a counselor and/or teacher who knows you well and can write about your strengths as a student. One letter is required but up to three are accepted. This form and letter can be submitted electronically by the teacher through the Common Application.

STEP 3: High School/Secondary School Transcripts

Ask your high school counselor to submit your official high school/secondary school transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. 

STEP 4: Test Scores

Send official SAT I or ACT scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admisions. IIT's SAT code is 1318; the ACT code is 1040.

Please mail supporting documents to:

Illinois Institute of Technology
Office of Undergraduate Admission
10 West 33rd Street
Perlstein Hall, Room 101
Chicago, IL 60616

Application Suggestions for Homeschooled Students

  1. Letters of recommendation are invited from a tutor or parent, but we also encourage one or two additional letters from employers, coaches, clergy, homeschool associations or other community members.
  2. SAT II and AP scores will be reviewed if sent.
  3. Include official transcripts of any classes you may have taken at local high schools or colleges or through summer programs.
  4. If we feel we do not have enough information from which to evaluate an applicant, we may ask for a more detailed description of the individual's homeschool curriculum, possibly in the form of course descriptions or syllabi.

Typically, our homeschooled applicants are prepared for IIT's rigor, but just have different curricular experiences; we look forward to hearing your individual educational story.

We encourage all applicants to visit campus, and to meet with an admission counselor when they do. During this meeting you may ask any questions you have about the application process, and, if desired, you can tell us more about your educational background.

From Graham Johnson, a former homeschooler and fourth-year chemical engineering/computer science student...

"I know that for me, the prospect of applying to colleges was a little daunting at first. The admission counselor who deals with homeschooled applicants helped me in so many ways during the admission process, and graciously answered the many questions I had. The transition to the rigorous academics at IIT was very comfortable. Homeschooling entails a lot of self-study and one-to-one contact, and that is exactly what I found here. Classes are small, and professors desire to interact and form relationships with students. I truly have found a home away from home..."