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Global Chicago


June 25–29, 2018, 10:30 AM – 4 PM


Illinois Tech Mies (Main) Campus, Siegel Hall 3301 South Dearborn, room 203


$500 which includes the cost of field trips and lunch

Come to Illinois Tech this summer to learn about Chicago’s role as a “global city”.  Through readings, lectures, and field trips to local neighborhoods, you will have the opportunity to explore the ways that Chicago is connected to the world through immigration, commerce, and tourism. Find out how Chicago became an intersection in the global economy and a gateway for ethnic communities as faculty from the Department of Social Sciences lead you through nearby neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Bronzeville, and Pilsen. You will also learn about the skills that can prepare you for social science careers, and the real world impact that Illinois Tech students are making in their communities.

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