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Freelance Coder Camp

The Freelance Coder Camp is a unique opportunity to creatively learn about freelance web development and core programming concepts though game development. Through hands-on activites students will be programming with Unity and C#. They will also have the opportunity to go deeper into web development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. This camp allows students to take the first steps to becoming a successful freelance computer coder while gaining from entrepreneurial advice that could lead to supplemental income for college. 

This project-based four-week camp also offers continued learning through online resources and workshops. Held on Illinois Tech Mies (Main) Campus, it provides access to industry experts and the latest technology, and includes field trips and networking events.


Completion of two years of high school


July 9 – August 3, 2018, Monday thru Thursday, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


IIT Mies (Main) Campus


$1,000 ($250 per week, with a limited number of need-based scholarships available)


Students will learn 

  • About programming with Unity and C#, and web development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • How to create a professional web presence for a freelance coder
  • How to think like a programmer
  • About making a business strategy work to fit a school schedule
  • About free resources for independent study
  • Valuable information through field trips and by having access to industry professionals

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