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Exelon Summer Institute

This program is for admitted Illinois Tech students only

Now in its 10th year, the Exelon Summer Institute (ESI) is a recognized model for supporting students transitioning to college life. This invitation-only program is built around the concept of creating a community of learners in the areas of math, physics, chemistry, writing and computer skills. Student teaching teams interact with new students while faculty members conduct specialized lectures and participate in field trips. It is a hands-on program that includes a rocket project, robot wars, and bridge and catapult challenges. In addition, there are mini-projects dispersed throughout the day that give our students an opportunity to flex their intellect with ingenuity and creativity.

What are the benefits of participating in the program?

The ESI program helps address common issues students face in transitioning from high school to college. ESI also facilitates student involvement in the Illinois Tech community by engaging with other future students, faculty, and staff in a smaller environment. Students also participate in additional curriculum to help them brush up on skills and understand the academic expectations of Illinois Tech students.

What am I committing to if I join ESI?

Students are committing to the entire 4-week program on campus and living on campus during ESI. 

Am I required to live on campus during the program?

Yes, part of the the requirement includes living on campus. Students participate in activities and programming during the evenings.

Are there any additional costs associated with this program?

No, students selected for the program are able to participate and live on campus at no additional cost. This includes all meals.

Am I allowed to have guests in the residence hall during ESI?

No. Due to the busy schedule of the ESI program, guests are not permitted in the residence halls during the 4-week period.

Additional Program FAQs

The transition to university life and the academic rigors of the first year of college can be challenging. ESI is an intensive 4-week program designed to give new students an opportunity to meet current students, make friends and experience college life at Illinois Tech. Incoming first year students also benefit from meeting faculty and doing college-level class work in preparation for the fall semester. Additionally during the program new students learn about the city and all the resources available on campus. The program runs from July 8th -  August 3, 2019, it is open to admitted students entering full-time in the fall by invitation only.

Students invited to participate in the Exelon Summer Institute will receive an email containing an online application link. Please check-out our Sample Schedule for more information about the ESI program.

"Now that I have seen the success of this program, I realize how wise a choice I made to attend. These four weeks have given me the confidence and knowledge, as well as the friendships and relationships with other people, which I will use in order to achieve the best university experience during my next four years at IIT."
— Juan Vielma (Computer Engineering, '14)

For more information: Contact Natalie Polacek, admission liaison to the Exelon Summer Institute, at or 312-567-3015