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I-20 and Visa Related Questions

Do I need to submit my financial documents with my application or can I wait until I know if I am admitted?

You may submit your financial documentation after you have been admitted. The sooner we have this documentation, the sooner we will be able to issue your official admission letter and I-20.

Where do I get the financial sponsorship form?

The financial support document (pdf) is available here.

How long will it take to get my I-20?

Once you have been admitted and we have your financial support documentation, it generally takes 1-3 weeks for an I-20 to be processed and received by an applicant. When sending your admission letter and I-20 abroad, you will be notified of your tracking number directly from the express mail carrier via email and the information and SEVIS number will be in your App Tracker.

For our Indian and Chinese students: your admission letter and I-20 may be sent to our Illinois Tech international offices, either in Hyderabad or Beijing, depending on your home country. Our offices will mail your admission package to you, so we encourage you to contact them first for any questions if your tracking information shows your package was sent to our offices abroad.

What amount of funds are required to be shown on the sponsorship form for an I-20 to be issued?

You must show sufficient funds for one year of tuition at Illinois Tech and estimated cost of living and supplies. See the cost of tuition here

What forms and information do I complete if I am bringing dependents?

You must tell us this in your application and later you are required to provide the dependent's passport photos, indicate this on the financial sponsorship form, and show sufficient funds through your financial documents. You must show $4,500 for the first dependent and $2,300 for each additional dependent, in addition to the cost of one year of tuition.

Applicants can upload the passport photos, bank certificate, and financial support document in the online Application Portal or in the financial support link once you have been admitted in your App Tracker.

What do I need to complete if I am transferring my I-20 to Illinois Tech?

You must complete an I-20 transfer form. This must be filled out by your current international office and faxed directly to Illinois Tech's Office of Graduate Admission as instructed on the form.
F-1 Graduate students
J-1 Graduate students

My visa has been denied. What should I do?

Contact our office using this form

I did not receive my I-20. What should I do?

If you have not received your I-20 yet, first check the tracking information provided to you by TNT express mail to locate your package. If you still are having issues, contact our office using this form

I will be arriving after the official start date on my I-20. What should I do?

Contact our office using this form so we can issue you a Late Arrival Letter.​

How do I find tracking information for my I-20?

TNT will email you the tracking number unless another carrier is used, in which case our office will email you. In addition, your tracking information and SEVIS number will be in your App Tracker.

Can I have my I-20 sent express?

IIT uses TNT to send the majority of the I-20s. For those residing in Iran, regular U.S. post will be used unless an address outside of Iran is provided.

What should I do if I have a visa from one school, but have an I-20 from another school and wish to attend IIT?

You should get a new visa issued for Illinois Tech before entering the United States. If you do enter the U.S. with a visa from a different school, you will need to contact that school’s international center and ask them about the proper procedure for transferring your I-20.

Can I change my major or program before I am admitted?

If the major or program is within the same department you may contact our office using this form. If it is another department you must submit a new application and notify our office that you wish to withdraw your previous application. You must inform our office by or on the first day of classes if you choose to change programs.

I've been admitted, where do I find my SEVIS number?

You can find your SEVIS number, once created, in your App Tracker.  If you don't see your SEVIS number, it is very likely we have not processed your I-20 yet or it could be in process.

What is Illinois Tech's information and program lengths listed on I-20?

  • Full college name: Illinois Institute of Technology
  • College address: 3300 S. Federal Street, Chicago, IL 60616
  • College code: CHI214F00379000
  • Program length: 30 months for master's degree, 48 months for M.B.A., 72 months for doctorate

If this did not answer your question please contact our office using this form.