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Illinois Tech has a 125-year legacy of educating students to excel in fields that are technology-focused and idea-driven. Our graduate programs offer a breadth of academic and research opportunities that allow you to focus, specialize, and gain an advanced education in areas of significant innovation. Explore our accredited, nationally recognized programs to find a degree that best suits your desired career path.

Master of Science in Personnel and Human Resources Development

This degree is unusual among master's degrees in I/O or Human Resources Management degrees in that all of your classes will be taken with our Ph.D. students. This means that you will be taking part in a challenging, exciting, and comprehensive Ph.D.-quality classroom experience as a master's student.
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Master of Science in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

The mission of the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program is to prepare master’s degree students to perform a vital role as counselors who have specialized knowledge and skills for both mental health and rehabilitation service delivery.
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Ph.D. in Psychology

In Illinois Tech's APA-accredited Psychology Ph.D. program with a specialization in Clinical Psychology, you will receive training from the cognitive-behavioral theoretical framework. The program emphasizes an integration of clinical practice and applied clinical research and will prepare you for licensure eligibility in the state of Illinois.
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Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling

The purpose of the doctoral program is to prepare leaders in the field of rehabilitation counseling at the highest level of training. Illinois Institute of Technology faculty view rehabilitation counseling as a specialized area of professional counseling practice in which the major goal is to assist a person with a disability or chronic illness move to psychological and economic independence.
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Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology program at Illinois Tech is the oldest, most successful, and most respected program in the Chicago area. Through intensive training in research methods as well as experience in work settings, our Ph.D. program prepares you for a career in university teaching, industry, government, or consulting.
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Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

Prepare for a career in market research, business analytics, or social media marketing by learning how to harness massive quantities of consumer data through marketing strategy, predictive analytics, and cognitive computing.
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