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Computational Science & Technology

Illinois Tech has a 125-year legacy of educating students to excel in fields that are technology-focused and idea-driven. Our graduate programs offer a breadth of academic and research opportunities that allow you to focus, specialize, and gain an advanced education in areas of significant innovation. Explore our accredited, nationally recognized programs to find a degree that best suits your desired career path.

Master of Information Technology and Management (ITM)

The Information Technology and Management program is designed to broaden and deepen the student's knowledge of new and emerging information technologies, the application and integration of these technologies, and the administrative practices used in the effective management of these technologies.
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Master of Computer Science

Computer science is rapidly changing the world. With new developments happening every day, a rigorous education combining the theory of information and computation with hands-on systems and software design is the key to success.
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Master of Data Science

Extract value from mass quantities of data using high-level mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Not tools-based; teaches the underlying science, so you can become a true problem-solver. McKinsey estimates a shortage of 190,000 people with these skills by 2018.
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Master of Cyber Forensics and Security

The Cyber Forensics and Security degree is designed to help students, and experienced information technology professionals, become cyber security and forensics practitioners, investigators, managers, and leaders. This program is appropriate for students with a strong academic background who are interested in cyber security, digital forensics, risk control, and information assurance.
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Master of Science in Technical Communication and Information Architecture

In this program, you will connect the components of information structure that users rarely see directly, such as databases and data serialization formats, to a theoretically rich, interdisciplinary foundation in user-facing design of information, as well as the deeper structures of databases and data-serialization formats.
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Master of Science in Computer Engineering

The purpose of this degree is to prepare students for advanced study and/or research and industry in the field of computer engineering. The Master of Science in Computer Engineering (M.S.CP.E.) program builds a strong foundation in all aspects of the design and development of computer systems, with a specialization in a major area.
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Master of Science in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research

Make the best decisions possible given the constraints of a problem; help organizations identify efficiencies and operate more effectively. This program was designed to meet the growing demand for computationally proficient decision scientists and operations research professionals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be a 27 percent increase in operations analysts from 2012-2022, or 19,500 new jobs.
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Master of Science in Finance

Gain hands-on experience working in the financial markets through coursework and interactive opportunities to apply your knowledge in computational finance, financial technology, statistics, and modeling.
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Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

Prepare for a career in market research, business analytics, or social media marketing by learning how to harness massive quantities of consumer data through marketing strategy, predictive analytics, and cognitive computing.
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Master of Science in Technology and Humanities

The Master of Science in Technology and Humanities (THUM) will provide you with a humanities-focused foundation in communication practices, information and communication technologies, and the ways that information flows through and beyond organizations.
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