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Gainful Employment Programs

Effective July 1, 2011 institutions must report certain information about students who are enrolled in Title IV eligible certificate programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation from this point on known as Gainful Employment (GE) Programs. Institutions are also required to disclose to prospective students certain information about the GE programs. Finally, these new regulations require institutions to notify the US Secretary of Education of all the GE programs it wishes to add to the list of Title IV‐eligible programs

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information by Certificate Program

Advanced Electronics
Advanced Software Development
Air Resources
Analytical Method Development
Analytical Spectroscopy
Applied Electromagnetics
Architectural Engineering
Biological Engineering
Communication Systems
Compliance and Pollution Prevention
Computational Intelligence
Computer Engineering
Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing
Construction Management
Control Systems
Corporate Finance
Current Energy Issues
Cyber Security Management
Cyber Security Technologies
Cyber-Physical Systems
Data Analytics
Data Center Operations and Management
Data Management and Analytics
Database Systems
Digital Voice and Data Communications Technology
Distributed and Cloud Computing
Earthquake and Wind Engineering Design
Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship
Electricity Markets
Entrepreneurial Finance
Financial Economics
Financial Modeling
Financial Toolbox
Food Process Engineering
Food Processing Specialist
Food Safety and Industrial Management
Food Safety and Technology
Fundamentals of Finance
Hazardous Waste Management
Indoor Air Quality
Information Security and Assurance
Information Technology Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Infrastructure Engineering and Mgmnt
Instructional Design
Marketing Management
Networking and Communications
Nonprofit and Mission-Driven Management
Particle Processing
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Polymer Science and Engineering
Power Electronics
Power Engineering
Process Operations Management
Product Quality and Reliability Assurance
Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Public Management
Radiological Physics
Regulatory Science
Rehabilitation Counseling
Rehabilitation Engineering Technology
Risk Management
Security Safety and Risk Management
Signal Processing
Software Engineering
Sustainable Enterprise
Systems Administration
Systems Analysis
Technical Communications
Transportation Systems Planning
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Web Design and Application Development
Wireless Communication Engineering