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Transfer to College of Architecture - Portfolio Review Requirement

Transfer students admitted to Illinois Tech College of Architecture are required to submit a portfolio of their work for credit and placement purposes. Reviews are available only to deposited transfer students intending to enroll in the fall semester. The College does not review portfolios for prospective students or students who have not decided to enroll at Illinois Tech.

Students will be contacted about setting up portfolio review sessions in June. Portfolios must include work from all courses.

Please do not request a review until you have submitted all final transcripts showing grades for completed courses. .

Admitted transfer students living outside the Chicago area may mail their portfolio, with a note indicating that they will be unable to be present on-campus for their portfolio review:

Illinois Institute of Technology
College of Architecture
S. R. Crown Hall
3360 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60616

Students must submit copies of there work instead of the originals as Illinois Tech cannot guarantee the return of the portfolio.

For those transfer students unable to complete a portfolio review during the summer, additional portfolio review appointments will be offered during the first week of classes on an as-needed basis.

Portfolio Guidelines

  • The portfolio should not exceed 8.5" x 11" (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm).
  • Students may choose the design and content of their portfolio, as long as it presents original visual work that corresponds to each course in need of review by the College of Architecture.
  • When possible, include a university course description or a faculty member's syllabus for each course; you are also encouraged to provide your own brief summary for each course.

Credit and Placement

Placement in the studio sequence is based upon previous studio courses and the quality of the work completed for each course. Due to the studio structure of this program, students may transfer a maximum of two years of studio credit, 4 semesters, 24 credit hours; non-studio courses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To be placed in second-year, you must have earned 12 credit hours for studio courses. Similarly, additional architecture courses will be reviewed for transfer credit when they correspond to Illinois Tech courses in the B.Arch. curriculum. In some cases, more than one course at a previous university will be used for the equivalent of a single course at Illinois Tech.

Courses in AutoCAD and other courses related to digital design may be reviewed separately by the faculty who teach computer courses at the start of the fall semester. In some cases, students may consider earning credit for these by taking a proficiency exam. This exam is arranged at the start of the fall semester, and is administered at the discretion of the College of Architecture faculty.

  • A College of Architecture studio faculty member will examine all of these materials in order to place each student in an appropriate year of studio; however, the visual work will be the determining factor.
  • The goal of the portfolio review is to notify incoming transfer students where they will begin their studio sequence at IIT and how many courses will or will not receive transfer credit.
  • Each student's specific schedule of courses for the first semester will be determined in a separate advising conversation.

If you have any further questions about the portfolio review or the content of your portfolio, please contact the College of Architecture at