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International Financial Affidavit Requirement

You must demonstrate that you or your sponsor have available finances to meet the educational and living expenses while you are a student at IIT.

* Minimum dollar amount may vary based on any merit-based scholarships awarded.

  • Complete the Financial Affidavit of Support, which you may print, complete, and send to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Please note that such information as annual salary, investments, and stocks, do not qualify as proof of availability of funds, only liquid cash.
    Financial Affidavit of Support for F-1 Students (International First Year and Transfer Students)
    Financial Affidavit of Support for J-1 Students (International Visiting and Exchange Students)
  • If the affidavit of support form does not have an official bank stamp or seal you will also need to attach a bank letter from your sponsor on bank letterhead detailing the amount of available funds and signed by a bank representative.

Official or certified documents must bear authoritative signatures, seals, and/or stamps. These should be sent directly from the institution responsible for issuing such documents. In cases where it is impossible to have these credentials sent from the issuing institution, or only one set of originals is available to the students, applicants should forward an "attested" copy of the original.

Documents may not be submitted electronically but must be mailed to the following address (we recommend applicants submit their documents via certified mail so that we are better able to track all parcels):
Illinois Institute of Technology
Office of Undergraduate Admission
10 West 33rd Street
Perlstein Hall, Room 101
Chicago, IL 60616

The attestation must be done by a proper institution official or by the Ministry of Education in the home country. A certified original translation must accompany all documents not issued in English.

The sponsor may be you, a friend, or relative residing overseas or in the United States. Bank letters should reflect an account that is personal, as we cannot accept business funds or a statement for an account where funds are not immediately accessible. We will not be able to accept salary letters or money in the form of any type of investment. All letters must be in U.S. dollar amount equivalents.

Please note that this information is required to issue the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) form I-20 or DS-2019, which you will use to obtain an F1 or J-1 visa.