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Summer @ Illinois Tech


Pre-College Programs and Summer Camps for Middle and High School Students


Biology Summer Program

Find out where a career in biology can take you! Illinois Tech alumni, faculty, and experts in fields including research, industry, education, and health will show the way. Hands-on lab experience will include recombinant DNA technology techniques, bioinformatics, and analyzing microorganisms. read more

Computational Science Course

High school students interested in science, math, and computation will learn about these topics in exciting and unconventional ways by enrolling in IIT's new Computational Science course for high school students. read more

Computer Discovery Camp

The Illinois Tech Computer Discovery Camp engages students in hands-on activities that help to develop spatial visualization and problem-solving skills. They will learn introductory computing skills using Scratch and LEGO Mindstorms. read more

Exelon Summer Institute

(For Admitted Students) The program is built around the concept of creating learners in the areas of math, physics, chemistry, writing and computer skills. Student teaching teams interact with new students while faculty members conduct specialized lectures and field trips. read more

Experiment in Architecture

Looking to the future, you may be interested in IIT’s summer architecture program: Experiment in Architecture. This two-week program is designed to introduce high school students to the profession of architecture. read more

Experiment in Landscape Architecture

Looking to the future, you may be interested in IIT’s summer landscape architecture program: Experiment in Landscape Architecture. This one-week program is designed to introduce high school students to the profession of landscape architecture. read more

Freelance Coder Camp

The Freelance Coder Camp is a unique opportunity to creatively learn the business of becoming a successful freelance computer coder and gain entrepreneurial skills that could lead to earning supplemental income for college. read more

Global Chicago

Come to Illinois Tech this summer to learn about Chicago’s role as a “global city”. Through readings, lectures and field trips to local neighborhoods, you will have the opportunity to learn about how Chicago is connected to the world through immigration, commerce and tourism.  read more

Intro to Robotics

 What do drones, thermostats and Wii systems have in common? They all need to take measurements from their environment and apply programmed logic in order to fly in the correct direction, keep the temperature of a room comfortable, and accurately capture your movements to win a game. read more

Introduction to Engineering and Design

For high school students considering careers in engineering, this is the perfect way to test drive the rigors of studying engineering and explore professional career opportunities available after college graduation. read more

NxtGen Tech Program

NxtGEN courses offer a glimpse of the future of the internet, computing, programming, networking, and the next wave of emerging technologies. Courses are hands-on and involve interactive projects with instruction from IIT faculty. read more

Pre-College Transportation Engineering (PRETRANS) Program

PreTrans is a program to help you learn all about engineering and how you, too, can become an engineer. PreTrans is especially geared toward minority and female high school students. We hope that your curiosity and enthusiasm will inspire discovery! read more

Psychology Summer Program

The program is a learning experience designed to help students make the connection between psychological and human behavior in everyday life. Students will acquire a broad array  about psychological principles throughout the human lifespan. read more

Research Methods Course for High School Students

Learn about university-level research from Illinois Tech’s experienced academic librarians. Discover advanced research skills—from how to access information efficiently to the ethical use of information—and develop a solid foundation for lifelong scholarly work. read more


Summer Prelaw Institute

Students will read actual cases, participate in discussions, and learn fundamentals of the adversarial system–including essential courtroom trial techniques. The course will conclude with students acting as attorneys in a challenging mock trial. read more


Introduction to the World of Engineering

This introductory course provides high school students the opportunity to explore the broad scope of engineering disciplines and applications. Through speakers and multimedia, students will learn what biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil and environmental engineers do in their jobs.
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Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers apply math and science to improve our health and lives through advances such as artificial organ development, sophisticated robot-operated surgical equipment, advanced medical imaging that can identify microscopic tumors, and deep brain stimulators to stop epileptic seizures. read more


Introduction to Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with design and construction of all kinds of facilities that we use in our everyday life. Roadways, airports, buildings, large and small, water treatment systems, railways and bridges are examples of facilities designed and built by civil engineers. read more


Introduction to Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computers have revolutionized our way of life in many aspects. In engineering design, computers have provided us with a tool with nearly unlimited potentials. Computer-aided design (CAD) deals with a variety of topics including creating simple drawings to 3D visualization of engineering design.
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Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Engineering

Environmental engineering, the art and science of solving environmental problems and promoting sustainable growth relies on principles from biological, chemical, mathematical, physical, and social sciences. read more


Introduction to Robotics and Automation

Engineers across all disciplines use automation and robotics to control everyday devices, whole manufacturing plants, and the environment around us.  read more