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Checking My Status

How do I check the status of my Application?

All applicants will receive detailed emails throughout the application and admission process, informing you of your application status throughout the process; be sure to read all emails carefully.

You may check your status in the online Application Portal. You may also select the “App Tracker” to confirm what documents may still be required of you. Otherwise, you will receive detailed emails if documents are missing, incorrect, or ready for a decision.

If this did not answer your question please contact our office using this form.

How do I check the status of my I-20?

For admitted international students coming for Fall 2015, login to the Applicant Portal using your Campus Wide ID (CWID).  ​If you see your SEVIS number in the portal, your I-20 has been created; you will be notified of your express mail tracking number via email directly from the mail carrier, TNT.  If you do not see your SEVIS number, it has not been created yet (but could be in process, too).  If you have been admitted and don’t see a SEVIS number within two weeks of your acceptance, please notify us or your Specialist immediately.

For admitted international students coming for Spring 2016, you will also receive an email once your I-20 has been created, and you will receive an email from TNT with your express mail tracking number.

Please note: if your status is pending financial support documents, we cannot make your I-20. We must have your financial support documents and sufficient bank statements in order to begin that process. Also, if you are from India or China, your I-20 may first go to our international office who will then disperse your I-20 once received at the IIT abroad office.

My status shows I have been admitted. When will I get my admission letter?

Domestic Students
Once you have been admitted to a program, it can take up to 2 weeks for your decision to be processed and for your admission letter to be sent.

International students
We can not issue your paper admission letter until you have submitted all of your financial support documentation, meaning we cannot make an I-20 without such financials. Once you have upload all financial documents and we have processed them, our office will mail your official, paper admission letter and I-20 together via express mail; you will receive the tracking number.

If this did not answer your question please contact our office using this form.