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Uploading Admission Documents through the Applicant Portal

Please note that the applicant portal only allows PDF files to be uploaded. There is also a maximum file size of 25 MB per file. For instructions on how to take photos of your documents with your smart phone and convert them to a PDF see Capturing Documents with a Smart Phone.

Documents must be uploaded for each application you submit, each time you submit an application. Documents will be uploaded through your application portal.

Capturing Documents with a Smart Phone

Your smart phone can be used to capture images of your admission documents. These documents must be combined into one PDF file and all pages must be legible in order to upload them through the applicant portal. Please note that illegible documents will be declined and you will be requested to resubmit your documents. Follow the instructions below to capture images of your documents, convert them to a PDF, and submit them through the applicant portal.

  1. Take pictures of your documents using your smart phone

  2. Transfer all of the pictures to your computer

  3. To convert your images to a PDF, you can use the free tool PDFill PDF Tools (Free) available for download at Please note that when opening this program you should open the PDFill PDF Tools (Free) program. (This installation also ships with a program that requires a license.)

  4. Select option 9, "Convert Images to PDF"

  5. Select each of your images by clicking the "Add an Image" button. You can arrange the images before converting them to a PDF by clicking the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons.

  6. When you are ready to convert your images to a PDF, click the "Save As" button and choose where you would like to save your PDF.

  7. Go to the site and log in. You will be able to upload your PDF file here.